From Where You Dream

From Where You Dream



I need to make this clear first off: no matter where you are in your writing career, if you aspire to create literature, if you aspire to be an artist in the medium of language, if you aspire to create narratives ofwhatever length that arrive at the condition of artthere are fundamental truths about the artistic process to which you must attend.

In the nearly two decades I've been teaching this subject, I have read many thousands of manuscripts from aspiring writers, and virtually all of themvirtually all of themfail to show an intuitive command of the essentials of the process of fictional art. Because of the creative writing pedagogy in this country, and because of the nature of this art form, and because of the medium you work with, and because of the rigors of artistic vision, and because of youth, and because no one has ever told you these things clearly, the great likelihood is that all of the fiction you've written is mortally flawed in terms of the essentials of process.


"A remarkably candid, clarifying, and profoundly demanding how-to Butler's electrifying theories are backed by illuminating examples and startling practices. Incisive and provocative a must for anyone even thinking about writing fiction.

-- Donna Seaman, Booklist

"Butler shares his insights intoand passion forthe creation and experience of fiction with total openness, and seriously aspiring writers should receive this text/manifesto in the same light.

-- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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