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Glow at Night’s End

Giant lichen orbweaver spiders are rarely seen in even partial daylight. They build their webs each night and eat them before dawn the next day and then sleep away the sun in the lichen or, in this case, the Spanish Moss in the live oak twenty feet overhead. Her name is Glow. I’ve been spending some time watching her each night, but on the way to my writing cottage to work on my new novel a few mornings ago, I was happy to find that she’d woken up late. I’m not so reluctant to heavily edit my novel after seeing her devour all her beautiful work of the night before.

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  1. Alan Collins says:

    I’m not sure whether or not you’re still involved in any way with FSU, but your live online creation of the Earl Sandt short story was truly amazing.

    If you have a mailing list to let people know about your public appearances and book readings, please add my email address.

    Many thanks,

    Alan Collins


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